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Give yourself the love you’re so generously giving away.

Throughout our lives we’re all sure to encounter some obstacles that we need to duck, dive, dodge and overcome. The most difficult to date for me, was learning to love myself.

It’s no lie that loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Especially if you’re so inclined to give away the love you should be showing yourself. But truth be told that big pot of love you have is only so deep, if you don’t show yourself some love.

Let’s face it, loving others and showing them kindness is a beautiful distraction for addressing our own insecurities and flaws. We all have them, so why not be honest with ourselves and embrace them, if not learn to love them.

Consider this, you are your only guaranteed constant throughout your lifetime ( a dull thought, I know! Stay with me). You are your best friend. So tell me this, why aren’t you showing yourself the love that you show your best friend? As humans we don’t possess an unlimited pot of kindness and love that we can pour on others (although, if you’re anything like me - it would be so nice). What we do possess though, is the ability to refill our pot of kindness and love but only if we love ourselves first. You are who you are, so fearlessly be that. It’s so cliche for people to tell you to “be yourself” but truly, it’s liberating. I for one, love too easily. I’m knowingly “too nice”. Describing me as a drama queen would be an understatement and I have an apparently bad habit of becoming more introverted the more I need help, with the slightest (largest) tendency to bury my head in the sand. These are my flaws, but self awareness is a beautiful thing and the moment you become aware of yourself you are a step closer to embracing yourself, and all of your flaws. It’s impossible to expect anyone else to love you if you can’t love yourself. Your vulnerabilities are far more endearing when you’re not defending them. Those things I listed earlier, they’re certainly my flaws, but they’re also the qualities that make me love unequivocally and understand emotion in a way like no other. They allow me to relate and understand a soul and situation rather than taking something on face value. Your flaws can easily become your strengths.

Don’t get me wrong, loving yourself is HARD WORK. Especially on those days where you don’t really want to get out of bed, your jeans are tighter than they used to be and looking at yourself in the mirror is the LAST thing on your agenda. It takes work and patience, but no more than you give to others. Understanding you deserve the love and kindness you’re freely giving out is invaluable.

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