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How are you? Good thanks, you?

How are you? When was the last time you answered that honestly? This beautiful world we live in, the one that demands our best selves 100% of the time, whilst asking us to manage the inevitable anxiety and pressure of our fast paced metropolitan environment. All of this whilst engaging in society’s bad habit of portraying everything as “A OK”!

So, with this distorted presentation of reality, how are we supposed to recognise and understand what we’re experiencing and feeling, when most of the time we’re just pretending?

RULE 1 (an important one, so eyes and ears open people!) You deserve your own honesty and you deserve your own truth.

If you can’t grant yourself these, how are you to expect respect and honesty from those around you. With that, how are you to treat others with honesty and truth If you can’t grant it yourself? Consequently, we all end up living in this false sense of stability, which is in fact more fragile than my head after “Happy Hour”.

So, all I’m asking from you is honesty. Be honest to yourself and to those around you, because change does not come from autonomous compliance.

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