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Kindness is contagious

Yesterday I was in the queue to pay at a shop. The lady in front of me had picked up the wrong size of something and wanted to change it, but being half way through a four row tailing queue she was reluctant to move. I pretended to know her and said “go and swap that I’ll wait here!” The lady smiled. When she returned with her items no more than 60 seconds later she thanked me and we proceeded to be strangers. As we approached the first half of the queue a young dad approached the tills with his toddler (terrible twos were in full swing). The guy had one item to pay for and went a whiter shade of pale when he saw the size of the queue. It was then that the lady in front of me, pretended to know this guy and pulled him into the queue in front of her. Kindness is contagious. Even the smallest gestures.

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