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Optimistically pessimistic

It's cloudy, but we could do with some rain.

The good days, they’re amazing. They don’t get enough credit, and in fact, aren’t often good days until they’ve passed. Being present in a moment is an underused skill which we all possess. Being mindful of what you’re experiencing and how it’s making you feel.

Happiness. Something people are often found to be looking for. Chasing. The ultimate goal. What if I told you that happiness isn’t the finish line? Happiness is momentary and blissful. However, permanent isn’t something which we can consider happiness to be. Think about happiness, you’ll likely think of a time, a place, a person or a memory. A moment, that has been and gone. In that moment, were you present? So instead of scrambling through each day on the lifelong quest to find happiness and keep it, maybe let’s just sit in our pyjamas, note that today might not be as good as yesterday and be ok with that. Because neither is how you’re feeling today permanent. A little technique I like to call being optimistically pessimistic.

The reality. The truth. Today I’m not quite myself. Today I feel as though I could cry if I put my socks on the wrong foot (yeah exactly, for no reason at all). Today I don’t want to make dinner because it will probably be unsatisfying. Today I don’t want to really do much at all. Pessimism. But today, I don’t quite feel myself and that’s ok because tomorrow isn’t today, and nothing is permanent. Optimistically Pessimistic. In other words, being ok with not feeling ok every day. (A phrase thrown around like confetti and understood about as well as politics.) There’s that pessimism again.

Let’s face it, nobody has the power to put on their positive pants every day, it can be exhausting, and to your detriment if you’re just pretending. So, next time you feel like crying because you ran out of washing liquid, or dropped the tv remote, just cry. Be true to how you’re feeling. Tomorrow you might even laugh about it.

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