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The happiness in those around you.

I think it’s true. You can’t turn to someone else to make you feel happy, if you’re already unhappy in yourself. This is your own journey. Build it, own it and then sit back and bask in it. I’ve for a long time been an advocate of building your own environment that allows you to just be, very contently. As you, I’m still learning, still building and still basking. With that said, I’ve come to some new perspective. My world, that I’m sitting in so contently. It’s not the things I’m seeing, It’s not the things I’m experiencing and it’s not the building blocks of life that I’ve set up around me that’s keeping me at peace. Yes, those are all things that contribute to my quality of life, but my happiness is in those around me. Those people I’ve carefully chosen to surround myself with. The ones that support and love you unconditionally, no matter where you’re at. My happiness is their smile. My happiness is their laugh. The people I care about with all my soul, their happiness truly is mine. So maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you can find happiness in others, but not before you invest time in yourself to have the capacity to experience that happiness. After all, time invested in yourself is never time wasted.

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