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The Smaller Picture

Perspective. It’s no news that things look different from one angle to another. Depending on how you’re looking at something, it’s appearance, makeup and form can completely change. Often when applying this to a situation, it helps us in gaining a better understanding of the “bigger picture”. It’s true, zoom out and one factor becomes a contender among many others. Sure, there’s always going to be a bigger picture where that one factor bears less weight. However, let's not forget within that frame, in that particular shot and that particular angle, it’s THE most important thing. While it can be so beneficial for an individual involved in a situation to “zoom out” there is equal importance for a third party to be able to “zoom in”. Rather than take a picture on face value, ask why. Why is this so detrimental to this person? Why does this bear such a weight? Why can’t they see past it. Chances are, anyone in a situation they’re struggling to see past aren’t there because of ignorance. They’re there because to them, this situation IS the big picture. It is the most important thing to them at that moment. So I guess before you ask someone to see the bigger picture, try to understand why their perspective is askew in the first place. Not only will it help build a trusting relationship but it will also make any individual more willing to try a new perspective. If you can “zoom in” it may help them to “zoom out”.

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