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They say trust is the make or break of a relationship.

When is enough, enough? A question so easily answered when you’re objective to a situation. But what if you’re the subject? The soul and centre of the situation. Then I’d argue it’s one of the hardest judgments to make. Our emotions are a beautiful quality which we possess. They allow us to live in a moment, to experience something in full colour, HD if you like!They are what make us human. But they’re also uncontrollable and can sometimes contradict our mind. The age old saying “you know better” springs to mind. Where is that fine balance of listening to your heart and your head. Being that nobody yet has found a definitive answer to this question, I can only assume I’m asking the impossible. I’ve found there’s no right answer. What there is though, is trust. More importantly, trusting yourself. At some point we’re all bound to be driven by an emotion or feeling, knowing instinctively that it isn’t the best thing for us. Yep, you got it... we’re going to do it anyway! The one thing I’ve learnt from this is how important it is to trust yourself. If you can allow yourself to understand that you’re totally capable of feeling one thing and knowing to do another, you’ve already got the upper hand! (High five, you’ve got that self awareness thing down). All of those emotions that are having a great old party in your heart aren’t necessarily what’s best for you. As if we weren’t complex enough, right?! What is inevitable, in any situation is instinct. Queue the importance of trusting yourself. That instinct, “sixth sense”, “too good to be true” moment, trust it! That is you, telling you what to do. It might not always be the answer you want either, which is a bit rubbish. But ultimately it’s the inner you, looking after you. You just need to trust in yourself enough to see it through.

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