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Who wants to play Hide & Seek?

Have you ever found yourself in a confined space? Not mentally, but physically. Let’s say we’re playing hide and seek... you hide, I’ll seek. There’s a small space in between the Apple tree and the holly bush. Small enough for you to squeeze into and chaotic enough for you to be unnoticed. Perfect! While you’re waiting you begin to notice the age of the Apple tree, it’s bark is splintered, it’s branches are worn and an amalgamation of sap, pollen, and dust makes the air thick around it. You notice the leaves on the holly bush, the depth of its green, and the network of complex veins that stretch out beneath its surface. FOUND YOU. Out of the busy space, you take a deep breath and appreciate the fresh air that surrounds you. You look around and see rolling fields, all different shades of green. Plants that look like they’re dancing as their leaves shine in the sunlight. It’s beautiful and you wonder how a space so chaotic and confined like your hiding space can exist in such proximity. Similarly to your mind. A beautiful and ever-changing environment with every ability to encompass chaos and complexity. Sometimes we’re so focused on the immediate that we fail to see the surrounding that provides us with perspective. It’s the surrounding that allows us to be grounded while the chaos is what causes us to be consumed. We’re all guilty of being overcome by negative emotion, it feels involuntary. However, we can choose to observe rather than engage. Engaging in negative emotions not only facilitates our brain to create more negative emotions but it also makes it incredibly difficult for us to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture often allows us to find the solution so mindfully disengaging with negative emotions will allow you to stay present.

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